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Words of encouragement

Continuing with our series of words of encouragement, here is your Southern Cancer Center “Bread Bite” brought to you this week by Pastor Brock Bruce of Christian Life Church in Mobile, AL.

Pastor Brock-
“All nations will come to Your light.” Wow. What a promise. In the midst of a very contentious election season, what great peace to know that one day we won’t have to worry about vote counts and lawsuits. One day all nations will look to King Jesus and bow before His throne. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne. How we long for that great day.

Until then, we will be restless. Restless because we know that there is something better than what we have now. A Kingdom without chaos and confusion. A kingdom of peace and goodness. A King who rules justly and righteously. No matter what side of the political aisle we may be one, we all recognize there is brokenness. But there is hope. In Christ we belong to a Heavenly Kingdom. A Kingdom where there is no confusion or question about who sits on the throne. King Jesus rules and reigns. And His kingdom cannot be shaken. And His kingdom has no end.

Even so, come quickly LORD! But while we wait, we set our eyes on You. Our hope is in You.

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