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Today was my first visit to your office. I was a little nervous about coming but I was greeted with a friendly smile, compassion and above all southern hospitality from each staff member I met. Patient care and satisfaction are definitely top priority. Thank you all for caring so much!


Thank you, Southern Cancer Center, for treating, saving and putting up with me for so many years now. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two weeks after a major hurricane and had no where locally to receive treatment, until Southern Cancer Center opened their arms to myself and others who so desperately needed help. At a time when my whole world was falling apart Dr. George reassured me there was hope… and Southern Cancer Center provided it!


“Navigating You From Patient to Survivor”

All of the staff at SCC are so kind, caring and very understanding. I feel like my doctor really cares and includes me and my family in all the decision making. I would highly recommend this cancer center to anyone facing the cancer journey! The chemo nurses are GREAT, very kind and patient with my questions and concerns! They do not mind answering your questions and they can give you printed information on your medications and side effects.


From the initial consultation with Dr. McEvoy regarding my Mother's condition, both of my parents, along with myself, were very pleased we had consulted with him. He answered our questions thoroughly and was very honest in whether he was stating his opinion or a medical fact regarding her diagnosis. My mother did not feel pushed by Dr. McEvoy to transfer her care under his direction, in fact, just the opposite. Dr. McEvoy stated he and the Southern Cancer Center team were there for her and any decisions she felt best suited her, and what mattered most was that she and her family be at ease with the care she was receiving. My Mother decided to transfer her care under Dr. McEvoy, and I truly feel that decision came directly from the way he made my Mom and Dad feel so at eased from that initial visit.


From the front desk to the doctors and their nurses personnel, they all were outstanding. I have never been in an area of expertise that showed kindness and caring for their patients so eloquently. I was truly blessed to have encountered such a staff. I also had the privilege to experience the upside of having cancer when after the treatments I was able to "RING THE BELL". Thanks to all. Your love, caring and understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you Dr. Arledge, Kim, Karla and all of the staff. My family loves each and all of you.


Dr. Connie Uzel has been a light in a dark tunnel for me. Even though I've made personal choices that don't necessarily agree with her professional recommendations, she has been very kind, understanding and helpful during this process. She truly is proof that there are still caring doctors out there who treat the WHOLE patient and put the patient's needs first. Thanks again, Dr. Uzel!


From the day I realized that I had to spend 6+ months dealing with my colon cancer, I felt confident and at ease. The easy manner with which Dr. Heller deals with the issues I have during my treatment/recovery takes the fear out of cancer. I also love his dry sense of humor. He is never in a hurry and no matter how long the list in my hand of questions is, he answers each one of them truthfully. Special kudos to my nurse. I looked forward to treatments because of her.


I can’t express the appreciation and admiration that our entire family has for SCC and the people who work within! It is clear that the staff and physicians were called by God to give loving care to those fighting cancer. I wish there was a cured, but in the meantime, I believe that no better care would be found anywhere else. If you or a loved one has the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer, rest assured that you will be loved, supported and cared for in a way that eases the fear and supports hope. THANK YOU, Southern Cancer Center, for all you do to support those in need of your care!


My 1st encounter with SCC was with my husband who had tongue cancer. Such professional,caring, knowledgeable and compassionate people welcomed us like family. As he was entering into survivorship mode I became the patient with breast cancer. I actually looked forward to getting my Chemo cocktail. Again they were sweet, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. I still see them every month to get my port flushed but I am a survivor just like my husband. God blessed us with the best. Thanks Dr. Jones and Skyler, Amanda, Elaine, Beth and all the girls in the lab and chemo nurses. You all will be my family forever! Love you.


I absolutely recommend the Southern Cancer Center. I went to the Infirmary location and I can't say enough about the staff, nurses and my oncologist Dr. Meshad. They are absolutely wonderful. They make you feel at home, they make you laugh and you can tell they genuinely care. They made my weekly treatments much easier and always had a way of putting a smile on my face. Thank you for everything!