A stellar team, in every realm! So grateful for their dedication and hard work to help ensure stronger health for those of us who need an oncologist and hematologist!


Thank you, Southern Cancer Center, for treating, saving and putting up with me for so many years now. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two weeks after a major hurricane and had no where locally to receive treatment, until Southern Cancer Center opened their arms to myself and others who so desperately needed help. At a time when my whole world was falling apart Dr. George reassured me there was hope… and Southern Cancer Center provided it!


Today was my first visit to your office. I was a little nervous about coming but I was greeted with a friendly smile, compassion and above all southern hospitality from each staff member I met. Patient care and satisfaction are definitely top priority. Thank you all for caring so much!


I can’t express the appreciation and admiration that our entire family has for SCC and the people who work within! It is clear that the staff and physicians were called by God to give loving care to those fighting cancer. I wish there was a cured, but in the meantime, I believe that no better care would be found anywhere else. If you or a loved one has the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer, rest assured that you will be loved, supported and cared for in a way that eases the fear and supports hope. THANK YOU, Southern Cancer Center, for all you do to support those in need of your care!


They are by far the most awesome group of physicians and staff that you could ever ask for. I am a cancer survivor and very thankful that I am a patient of theirs, but I am truly beyond blessed that God gave me such an amazing doctor and friend in Dr. Meshad. He has been there every step of the way with such an amazing smile on his face and always a sweet hug.


SCC is amazing. Everyone there, from when you walk in the door are so nice and personable, calling you by your name, to the nurses in doctors office to the back at treatment. Even the ladies in pharmacy are nice. The fact that we have cancer is bad enough, but these people, well I just can’t say enough good about them, they make treatment day an ease for me. I thank God for people like them.


Thank you for all you do, the entire staff is awesome. I really appreciate the professional care, love and support each of you gave me during my illness. I miss seeing your smiling faces. Keep up the good work and God bless!


All of the staff at SCC are so kind, caring and very understanding. I feel like my doctor really cares and includes me and my family in all the decision making. I would highly recommend this cancer center to anyone facing the cancer journey! The chemo nurses are GREAT, very kind and patient with my questions and concerns! They do not mind answering your questions and they can give you printed information on your medications and side effects. They also give you a copy of your lab reports.


This place is amazing! Each person there greets you with a smile and they go out of their way to make you comfortable! If you have to be at a place like this, this certainly is the one!


My 1st encounter with SCC was with my husband who had tongue cancer. Such professional,caring, knowledgeable and compassionate people welcomed us like family. As he was entering into survivorship mode I became the patient with breast cancer. I actually looked forward to getting my Chemo cocktail. Again they were sweet, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. I still see them every month to get my port flushed but I am a survivor just like my husband. God blessed us with the best. Thanks Dr. Jones and Skyler, Amanda, Elaine, Beth and all the girls in the lab and chemo nurses. You all will be my family forever ! Love you❤️

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