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Our Providers

From the moment you hear, “You have cancer,” your life is forever changed, but it’s important to remember hope isn’t lost in those three words. You are still able to fight and finding a compassionate group of physicians will help you through your battle.

The physicians, nurse practitioners and highly skilled oncology team here at Southern Cancer Center offer the highest quality care for patients with all types of cancers and blood disorders. Our team works with you to ensure you’re receiving the best, individualized treatment plan available for your specific diagnosis. Each patient’s progress is closely monitored by members of their care team and education is provided on your type of cancer and any potential side effects of treatment.

Your care team here at SCC is specifically trained in cancer treatment, including our oncology certified nurses and advanced oncology certified nurse practitioners. We understand taking a team approach to your care is essential, which is why our physicians and nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is also why each patient receives a personalized chemotherapy education class from one of our nurse practitioners before treatment begins. We believe patient and family education is a crucial piece to your cancer fighting journey.