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Southern Cancer Center

Established in 2007, Southern Cancer Center is the area’s only community-based multidisciplinary oncology practice. Through an integrated, team-based approach, we are dedicated to finding and providing the most advanced therapies and innovative treatment options for the patients we serve fighting cancer and diseases of the blood.

Our practice is committed to treating the whole patient, not just their disease. Patients need more than medicine, they need collaborative support in every aspect of their care. We offer drug, disease and dietary education, social services and support groups for patients and caregivers. We have a certified genetic counseling and high-risk cancer assessment program, an in-house specialty pharmacy, advanced laboratory services and access to cutting-edge clinical trials through our partnership with The US Oncology Network. Our providers work closely with our patients and their families to create personalized treatment plans that address both physical and emotional health.

Simply put, our patients come first. It’s our mission and our culture. A provider is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our focus is patient care… Navigating You from Patient to Survivor.

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PATIENT PORTALS give patients secure online access to their personal health record through an easy-to-navigate customized portal.

  • Access your health information 24/7, including clinical summaries after each appointment
  • Review lab and test results
  • Request prescription refills, a new appointment or make changes to an existing appointment
  • Securely ask questions about your diagnosis, treatments or billing concerns