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Financial burdens should be the last thing on your mind while battling cancer. Often times, the financial strains brought on by treatments, medications, and doctor visits greatly increase the difficulty of patients’ circumstances.

The Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation (ACCF) is focused on assisting patients with these seemingly overwhelming challenges. The foundation was established by physicians and staff at Southern Cancer Center who saw that patients had few options for financial help with the extra costs brought on by their disease. They wanted to provide these patients with financial assistance and let them focus primarily on their health and getting well. Additionally, Southern Cancer Center absorbs all overhead costs of the foundation to allow 100% of the funds raised to go back into helping patients in the community.

ACCF provides philanthropic assistance and resources to Mobile and Baldwin County patients in many ways. Some of the services they provide are financial aid with medical supplies and utility bills, co-pays for medications, assistance with Medicaid applications, and rides to and from treatment. Over the past year, ACCF has helped over 50 patients in need and distributed over $30,000 to aid in these financial burdens. None of this could be possible without the support of the local community!

Interested in Supporting ACCF?

Aside from monetary donations, there are many ways to support ACCF, including participation in community collection drives. This past summer, ACCF held a “Head Scarf Drive” with a goal of collecting 400 scarves for local cancer patients experiencing hair loss from treatment. Thanks to the generous response from the community, they exceeded this goal with a total of 1,400 scarves donated.

To continue off the success of that drive, ACCF is currently collecting port pillows for local patients through a “Port Pillow Push” campaign. Port pillows are small pillows that can be secured to a seat belt with a Velcro strap to keep in place. Due to the placement of a port in a patient’s chest, through which chemo medications are delivered, patients may have an uncomfortable time wearing seat belts over an area that can be very sensitive. These cushions are easy to make and create a much more comfortable car ride. ACCF is hoping to receive 1,000 port pillows by April 1st to distribute throughout the community. Donations may be dropped off at any Southern Cancer Center location in Mobile or Baldwin County. To learn more about creating a port pillow, check out

For more info on how you can donate to ACCF or get involved in the “Port Pillow Push”, contact Daniel Meshad at (251) 607-5081 or visit

Port Pillow Push infographic

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