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In honor of National Nurses Week, Southern Cancer Center is highlighting the incredible people we are lucky enough to call our SCC nursing family.

Meet Mary Smith, CRNP, Susanna Pitruzzello, CRNP & Jessica Fuqua, CRNP. Our nurse practitioners are the best. For those in the back who didn’t hear us clearly… WE.HAVE.THE.BEST. Mary’s brilliant smile and infectious laugh are sure to brighten even the cloudiest of your days. We’re lucky to have her on Dr. George’s team. Patients will mostly see Susanna at our Providence clinic, lending a helping hand where it’s needed. Her heart is bigger than you can imagine and her playfulness always lightens the mood. Inspired by her mother’s journey, Jessica’s oncology path led her to SCC, and we couldn’t be happier to have her aboard. Her sweet, genuine spirit has proven to be the perfect addition to Dr. Angel’s team. Thank you all.

Meet Tracie Richardson, Angela Garner & Katie Amerson. Delightfully upbeat, infusion nurse Tracie believes patient care is the most important part of her job. Her patients always come first – their needs, their concerns, their celebrations. It’s why she loves being a nurse. Also part of our infusion team, Angela has the merriest and cheerful disposition as she rolls with the punches. She floats between our Baldwin County clinics sharing her sunshine wherever she goes. Physician nurse to our radiation oncologist, Katie is quite the animated character… but in the best type of way. She won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to put a smile on her patient’s face or a song in their heart.

Meet Charline Denton. For over two decades Charline has been taking care of our patients with her fierce, yet gentle soul. Her kindness is infinite, but make no mistake, she will fight for her patients and always do right by them. Through the years she’s become a revered mentor, eager to educate her coworkers and other nurses who have crossed her path. It only makes sense that Charline has become a patient favorite and one of the fundamental building blocks of our nursing team.

Thank you for your many years of service. Meet Donna Taylor & Rebecca Johnson. Meet Donna, another new, yet experienced face to our Southern Cancer Center family. With 25 years of nursing under her belt, we are so excited to incorporate the exceptional level of care she brings into our clinics. Lovable and engaging, Rebecca ensures her patients are happy and comfortable during their treatment. She hopes her friendly conversations help patients pass the time, making them feel right at home. Thank you, ladies, for the kindness and compassion you continue to show.

Meet Rachel Brewis, Tennille Wilkins & Diana Turberville. With a beautiful smile that matches her beautiful spirit, Rachel is the type of nurse who gives encouragement, enthusiasm and hopes to her patients. Brand new to our nursing team, we cannot wait to watch Tennille’s loving and neighborly personality shine through. Help us welcome her! There’s no denying Diana’s warmth and energy when it comes to patient care. She’s a tender-hearted firecracker making a wonderfully positive impact in our clinics. Thank you to these outstanding infusion nurses. Meet Tracy Roberts, Amy Davis & Janet Lyon. Tracy Roberts’ delightful and genuine personality puts her patients at ease. She gives them attentively, first-class care, and always accompanies it with a smile. Amy Davis has a knack for lightening the mood. With her quick wit and playful humor, she’s a pro at entertaining her coworkers and cheering up her patients. To say that Janet is an indispensable member of our nursing team would be an understatement. This exceptional lady has been inspiring and touching the lives of not only her patients but of everyone around her and at Southern Cancer Center for decades. She believes oncology was a calling, an identity that she has loved dearly… we couldn’t agree more. Thank you, ladies, for your service and your joy.

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