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Bass Fishing Tournament

SCC was so proud to be a part of Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation’s 2nd Annual Bass Fishing Tournament on Saturday, October 15th. The event raised $12,000 and had the participation of 80 boats, over a dozen sponsors, and countless more donors and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who made this a success. What a wonderful cause and SCC is so happy to support ACCF and help patients in our area going through treatment.

We send a very special thank you to our tournament’s creator and director, Mr. Joe Hembree. A cancer survivor himself, Mr. Hembree spent the better part of a year gathering door prizes, raffle prizes, and planning this event. Plans are already in the works for next year.

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners!

  • 1st place- Al Sharpe and Hunter Sharpe (15.67 pounds)
  • 2nd place- Wesley Clements and Stanley Flowers (13.19 pounds)
  • 3rd place- Jeston Anderson and Gene Latham (12.50 pounds)
  • 4th place & Lunker Award-Darrell Bryan and Gavin Webb (11.66 pounds, lunker fish 5.53 pounds)
  • 5th place- Landon Christian and Cameron Casey (11.30 pounds)

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