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In honor of National Nurses Week, Southern Cancer Center is highlighting the incredible people we are lucky enough to call our SCC nursing family.

Meet our longest-tenured nurse, Ms. Pam Hewett. Pam’s nursing career began in the field of oncology, inspired by her own family’s battles, and she’s never wavered from it. She joined our physicians back in 1997 and has been a staple at our practice ever since. Pam currently serves as Dr. Angel’s physician nurse. “Sometimes your patients do not have a lot of family support. Sometimes you are their family. That fills my heart and I will do anything I can to help them survive, and to be their family when they need it.” Thank you, Pam, for your 24 years (and counting) of service to your patients and to Southern Cancer Center.

Meet Kim Frankovich & Kara Boutwell, CRNP. Patients at our Springhill and Infirmary clinics know this pair well, and when you think of them we’re sure you’re smiling right along with us. Both are part of Dr. Arledge’s stellar team, with Kim serving as her physician nurse and Kara as her nurse practitioner. Trust us, these fearless ladies can move mountains. Thank you for always treating your patients with endless warmth and compassion, it does not go unnoticed.

Meet Renee Specht & Kristy Myers. Renee and Kristy are a huge part of the support and foundation at our Providence clinic. Renee does her best to keep Dr. George in line as his physician nurse, and you know that’s a tough job! Kristy is an infusion nurse who’s been with us for many years and we’re thrilled she’s back in full swing. Thank you, ladies, for the guidance you give to your peers and the strength you provide to your patients.

Meet Natalie DuPont, Sharon Williams & Valerie Foster. The love from our Providence clinic infusion nurses is undeniable. Although Natalie is new to SCC, she is no stranger to nursing. We hope you give her a hearty welcome just as we have! Sharon is a cancer survivor herself and is truly the heart, soul, and backbone of our infusion team. She is thankful that through the many years she is still able to make a difference in her patients’ lives. Many of you may know Valerie from when she worked for us in the past. She has recently moved back to our area and is excited to be reunited with her SCC family. Thank you, ladies.

Meet Felicia Coleman, Denise Alford & Jada Brown. Felicia, Denise, and Jada have been a breath of fresh air and welcomed additions to our nursing family. You may not be able to see behind their masks, but we assure you there’s endless love and passion in the smiles of these infusion nurses. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them at SCC. Thank you, ladies, for bringing your love and joy.

Meet Ashley Truelove and Bethany King, CRNP. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting these two then you know their smiles and laughter are a packaged deal. (They even own a printing and embroidery company together!) Both of these magnificent ladies serve as a part of our Baldwin County team. Ashley keeps Dr. Jones’ head on straight as his physician nurse and Bethany is a nurse practitioner at our Daphne clinic. Thank you for your dedication to your patients and keep those laughs coming.

Meet Patricia Dudley & Pamela Quinley. Triage nursing at its finest. For more than two decades we’ve had the privilege and enjoyment of having Patricia as a fundamental member of our nursing family. And this amazing lady has done it all, serving as a physician nurse for many years and now a triage nurse. Alongside Patricia in triage is her delightful counterpart, Pamela. With loads of experience and quite a gracious, calming demeanor, Pamela has proven to be a much-needed resource for our patients and physician teams. Thank you.

Meet Skyler Martin, CRNP & Amye Brasher. Another knockout Baldwin County duo is the pair of Skyler and Amye. Not only does Skyler serve as nurse practitioner for our Foley clinic, she also oversees SCC’s Genetics Program and is certified in genetic counseling and high risk cancer assessment. Not to mention her induction in the Mobile Bay 2020 Class of “40 Under 40”. Amye has quite the large task on her plate as well… she’s in charge of Dr. McEvoy. (We kid because we love.) As his physician nurse, Amye beautifully balances their team and wears her heart on her sleeve. Thank you for your service to your patients.

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