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Finishing up our THANKFUL staff posts during this month of thanks, we are thankful for our phenomenal group of administrators and their support staff. This group works behind the scenes to ensure Southern Cancer Center operations run smoothly and result in a pleasant patient experience. Whether it be administrative support, credentialing, payer contracting and reporting facilities and maintenance, or managing the staff that makes up our wonderful organization, we could not do it without our stellar management team and administrative support!

Top Row, Left to Right

Executive Director- Lauren Pettis, Manager of Revenue Cycle & Compliance- Christina Mraz-Smith, Business Office Supervisor- Lori Doty, Nursing Supervisor Mobile County- Susan Sylvia, Pharmacy Director & Lead Pharmacist-Tiffany Mitchem, Marketing Director- Mary Kathryn McMillon, IT Director- Jimmy Hall, Procurement Agent- Ron Smith, Front Office Manager- Ingrid Travis, HR Director- Anna Hileman, Manager Lab Services- Tammy Williams

Bottom Row, Left to Right

Sr. Credentialing Coordinator- Sheila Wilson, Administrative Assistant- Veronica Weaver, Quality Program Lead- Meredith Jones, State Controller- Colin Walsh, Pharmacy Supervisor- Marsha Anderson, Director of Clinical Operations- Regena Price, Nursing Supervisor Baldwin County- Beth Rodrigues, IT Support Coordinator- Sheila Wilkinson

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