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At Southern Cancer Center not only are we treating cancer, but also actively defeating cancer through our participation in clinical trials. We understand that each patient requires individualized care and our oncologists, clinical staff, and research team is proud to be a part of this effort, providing access to the latest therapies right here in our community.

Today, there are more cancer therapies in development than ever before and SCC is playing an active role in this research by working closely with the National Cancer Institute, The US Oncology Network, and the pharmaceutical industry to explore the response and side effects of these drugs to ensure they are safe and effective. By participating in clinical trials, patients have the opportunity to experience new drugs not yet approved by the FDA that will hopefully provide a favorable outcome in their battle with cancer. We are now on the threshold of a new paradigm for cancer research – that of individualized treatment based on genomic and molecular predictors of an individual patient’s response. Targeted therapies are the direction of many major clinical trials. Such trials enable physicians to customize drug treatment for particular cancer by focusing on a precise target at the molecular level in a patient’s tumor. This advancement has aided in helping find more and more improvements in treatments and has allowed targeted therapy to replace chemotherapy in many cases.

Offering clinical trials is important so our patients can have the convenience of accessing these opportunities within this community. SCC Research Director Sue DeOliveira says, “Here at SCC we’re doing many things that are being done at major academic centers so patients don’t have to travel. That’s been a way of life for quite a while so we’re doing everything available to make it easier.”

Our mission is to find and provide the best care and treatment options for our patients and offering opportunities to participate in clinical trials is a crucial part of this effort. We are not just treating cancer, but helping our patients find the most effective treatment possible for their individual needs.

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