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Team photo and employees wearing a mask in the reception area

During the recent winter storms that stranded most of the country, Southern Cancer Center pharmacist Tiffany Mitchem selflessly drove 450 miles to a distribution center in Tennessee to retrieve a delayed shipment of medication that SCC desperately needed to continue treatment for our patients. On Monday, March 15, Mayor Robin LeJeune and the Daphne (AL) City Council awarded Tiffany a Certificate of Appreciation for being a valued member of our community.

The excerpt is taken from the City of Daphne Facebook post: “What a great pleasure to show our appreciation to Tiffany for her service to this community,” said Daphne Mayor Robin LeJeune. “As the Director of Pharmacy Services at Southern Cancer Center, she is committed to her patients and works effortlessly to ensure they receive the best care no matter the circumstances she or others face. During the recent winter storms, Ms. Mitchem stepped into action to guarantee chemotherapy medications would be available for patients when deliveries were halted. Thank you, Ms. Mitchem, for always striving to make the Jubilee City a better place.”

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