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Dr. Connie Uzel at WKRG’s monthly medical segment

On Friday, January 24th, Dr. Connie Uzel joined WKRG’s monthly medical segment called “The Doctor Is In” to discuss preventative measures teens and parents can take to protect young people from developing certain cancers later in life. Dr. Uzel addressed the popular HPV vaccine topic for both young boys and young girls; gave tips for breast health and breast awareness for girls in their late teens and early ’20s; and also tackled the dangers of vaping for kids and adults of all ages.

Dr. Uzel had a short tv segment during the noon broadcast, followed by a longer, more in-depth Q&A segment on WKRG’s Facebook Live. See her interviews here:…/doctor-is-in-teen-health-with-dr-connie-uzel

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