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Pokemon or prescription drug

For National Pharmacy Week, October 18th-24th, let’s have some fun and test your pharmacy knowledge. Have you ever wondered who comes up with those wacky drug names? Play our game below and see how many you can get correct… without the help of Google!

Pokemon or Prescription Drug?

Scenario – There’s been an accident and we’re hoping you can help! A truck carrying Pokemon has collided with a FedEx truck carrying our drug order. Everyone is okay, but the cargo got all mixed up. Which of the following belong in a Pokeball, and which should be delivered to Southern Cancer Center’s pharmacy?

Answers: (Pokemon names) Sentret, Azurill, Cliscor, Umbreon, Marowak, Vulpix, Vibrava, Flareon, Nincada, Rayquaza, Glaceon, Vaporeon

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