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Dr. Nicole L. Angel

Medical Oncology & Hematology

Medical School: Louisiana State University at New Orleans (LSU)
Internship: Internal Medicine, LSU Medical Center
Residency: Internal Medicine, LSU Medical Center
Fellowship: Medical Oncology, Stanley Scott Cancer Center, LSU
Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
Board Certification: Medical Oncology

Sees Patients:
Providence Hospital Location

“Hi, my name is Dr. Angel and I’ve been at Southern Cancer Center since 2001.

I’m from Louisiana. My parents still live there and so we go to the Beau Rivage occasionally and it’s a halfway meeting point for a family get together sometimes. I like to play poker, video poker is what I really like.

I like to cook, like to read cookbooks. Things with rice like gumbo and beans and what not. Things that are made with a roux are probably my favorite things to cook. Usually on Tuesdays, I will bring something that I’ve made to the office and a lot of the patients will come and see what I’ve tried to make that day and see if they can have some.

If it’s football season, my husband will be watching football, I’ll be cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes we have friends over. I went to the Ohio State University and LSU and my husband is an Alabama fan, so it gets a little bit exciting. I usually just sit there and watch and don’t say much cause usually we win.

I like to go abroad. I also like to go to Orange Beach a lot. Just get a condo and relax there on the Gulf. That’s probably one of my favorite things to do. Me and my husband and we have a couple that we travel with and just spend more quality family time with one another there.

I think the thing that makes me feel most accomplished at the end of the day is if I’ve connected with a patient in an important way. It’s that personal connection with patients that makes me feel accomplished. There’s so many dynamics when we take care of cancer patients- their families, their income, their background- so many factors play into these issues. So sometimes things are weighing heavy on their heart and I think that connection is what really makes you feel that you’ve done something for someone.”