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Starting January 1, Alabama Medicaid Beneficiaries Receiving Cancer Treatment Will be Able to Have Up to 32 Annual Physician Visits, Up from the 14 Physician Visit Limit Currently in Effect


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Name: Mary Kathryn McMillon

Number : 251-607-5033


MOBILE, ALABAMA, 11/2/22 ­­– Southern Cancer Center, the only community-based, multidisciplinary oncology practice in lower Alabama, commends the Alabama Medicaid Agency for amending its coverage policy on physician office visit limits to help ensure cancer patients’ continued access to timely treatment in the community setting. Effective January 1, 2023, Alabama Medicaid beneficiaries receiving treatment for a cancer diagnosis will now be able to have up to 32 annual physician visits, up from the 14-physician visit limit currently in effect. Medicaid beneficiaries throughout the state are encouraged to maintain their enrollment status and review the details of their coverage to understand how today’s important policy change will impact them and their cancer care.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency published the new policy on October 18 which will help mitigate care delays for cancer patients across the state. This critical step will help ensure that new Medicaid patients will not exhaust their annual visits before they are referred to oncologists, as well as help prevent cancer patients already in active treatment from reaching their visit limit midway through the year.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency’s decision to amend its coverage policy for cancer patients comes after Southern Cancer Center submitted a letter to Commissioner Azar in June, highlighting how the 14-physician office visit limit seriously affected access and quality of care for Medicaid enrollees with cancer. Southern Cancer Center applauds Commissioner Azar’s decision to meet with our physician and administrative leaders and work collaboratively to update the policy by more than doubling the physician visit limit to 32 per year.

By making it easier for cancer patients across Alabama to continue receiving the highly individualized treatment they need in the community setting, this new Medicaid coverage policy will help prevent disease progression, improve healthcare outcomes, and minimize the number of Medicaid patients diverted into the hospital setting, which can lead to higher costs,” said Lauren Pettis, MSN, RN, Executive Director of Southern Cancer Center. “We applaud Commissioner Azar and the Alabama Medicaid Agency – and encourage Medicaid beneficiaries with cancer to maintain their enrollment status so that they will be eligible to take advantage of the increased physician visit limits for their cancer care.”

Alabama’s healthcare providers treating Medicaid enrollees diagnosed with cancer are encouraged to remind their patients to be diligent about maintaining their updated enrollment status to be eligible for the additional visits when the policy goes into effect on January 1, 2023.

To read the letter submitted by Southern Cancer Center to the Alabama Medicaid Agency about the policy on June 8, CLICK HERE.


About Southern Cancer Center

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