Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation

"Providing Hope When All Seems Lost..."



The Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit 501©3 organization, was created to raise funds and assist patients with cancer in the greater Mobile and Baldwin County communities. We utilize philanthropic support to provide assistance for those who need it most when faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges.

Cancer is an emotionally and physically challenging disease, a disease that typically comes with financial implications. Generosity and support from our local communities can help provide additional resources for the hardships that patients may face.

Our foundation strives to allow patients to focus on their health and to fight cancer by assisting them in overcoming other potential personal and financial burdens. The Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation ensures that each well qualified patient has access to the best possible care in our community.

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Our Mission

We are a community based not-for-profit foundation dedicated to advancing local cancer research, community education and patient assistance while improving the health and wellness of the counties we serve in the Gulf Coast region.

Our Vision

Providing hope when all seems lost.

Giving Back
  • By providing patients and their families clothing and back to school supplies
  • By assisting with transportation needs
  • By arranging meal assistance for patients when needed
  • By assisting with COBRA benefits for patients who have lost jobs due to their illnesses
  • By helping patients find suitable health care plans specific to their needs
  • By purchasing specified items such as blanket warmers for patients during their infusions
  • By assisting with other potential financial needs that may occur during treatment
  • By sponsoring patients and their families annually as Christmas Angels


Making A Difference

Cherise is one of the many patients the Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation has been able to help. We’d like to share her story. After a difficult divorce, Cherise was working full-time while trying to provide for her two children. Her life was just getting back to normal when she began to have an unexplainable pain in her throat and ears. She ignored the issue hoping it would get better, but after a few weeks she made an appointment with her family physician. Nothing could prepare Cherise for what was next, she had cancer and needed treatment immediately. Shortly after her diagnosis, Cherise was laid off by her employer. She had not been there long enough to qualify for a continuation of benefits and Medicaid had denied her claim. She was about to lose her insurance and without treatment her outlook was grim. On top of it all, she was faced with a decision to either buy groceries for her family or buy next week’s supply of insulin for herself. Through the Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation, Cherise was able to get the necessary medication she needed the very next day. We also assisted in getting her an individual insurance plan. “I feel blessed that I came across ACCF. They helped me when no one else would. What I received, no words can describe. I now feel I can face this disease head on and give it everything I’ve got.”