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Stephanie Fouts, CRNP

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: University of Wisconsin
Master of Science in Nursing Education: Walden University
Master of Science in Nursing: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner: Adult and Gerontology Primary Care

Certified in Genetic Counseling & High Risk Cancer Assessment

Sees Patients:
Providence Hospital Location

“I’m Stephanie Fouts. We like to travel, we like to go to the beach. We live so close to the beach which is nice. [We enjoy] Pretty much anything; movies, fun things with our adult friends like going out to eat and explore Mobile and explore Pensacola.

I have two pets. I have one that is Shih Tzu and he is nearing the end of his life, but we baby him and every moment that we can. And then I have a rescue pit bull and she is the less fearsome of the two. I would say on a Saturday that it’s with my family. I have two sons, a husband, and usually it’s with my mom or dad, or I have friends that are more like family to me. So it’s a big family-friend weekend.

Southern Cancer Center is my home away from home. I’ve worked here since 2012 and they’re my family away from my family. I have friends that our kids have grown up together. I have friends that we’ve gone through the loss of their parent, the loss of their dog, whatever it may be. The management team at Southern Cancer Center is by far the best where I’ve ever worked. And so it’s again, it’s my home away from home. I wouldn’t wanna work anywhere else.

When I leave for the day, if I know that I have addressed a patient’s needs, no matter what it may be, if I’ve done my best at doing that, that’s what makes me feel accomplished. My number one goal for patients is to give them access to good quality health care. It’s a lot of information at one time that we’re giving them. It’s a lot of guidelines, and so I always just tell them when in doubt, I’m here, we are here as a team and that they need to call.”