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Robin Erwin, CRNP

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: University of Alabama in Huntsville
Master of Science in Nursing: University of Alabama in Huntsville
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner: Family Health


Sees patients
Huntsville Hospital

“Hello, I’m Robin, nurse practitioner. I’ve been with Southern Cancer Center since 2020.

My husband and I have a daughter, she is a young teen. She plays club-level soccer We travel a lot, for soccer and for fun. I have 4 dogs 3 schnauzers and 1 chihuahua rescue. They are all important members of her family.

My number one goal for every patient is for them to know that our treatment decisions follow medical guidelines, but also have their best interest in mind. I want them to know that we consider each of them personally when we are choosing their treatment regimens. I want them to know that along their treatment journey, we are here to support them, whether it b managing side effects from chemo, assisting in providing the necessary information to make informed treatment decisions, or educating them about palliative/supportive care and end-of- life care.

At the end of the day, I feel that I have done my job well when I have taken care of each patient the way that I would want to be treated or I would want a member of my family treated.