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Bethany King, CRNP

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: University of Alabama
Master of Science in Nursing: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner: Family Practice

Sees Patients:
Daphne Location

“Hi, I’m Bethany King. I’m a nurse practitioner and I’ve been at Southern Cancer Center since 2016.

I’m one of three girls so plus my mom, my poor dad had four girls in the house growing up. I married my college sweetheart in 2016. We do not have children yet, we do have a dog. She is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Her name is Dixie. She honestly acts like a human. She, probably shouldn’t say this, but she does sleep in our bed until we have kids. She weighs 60 pounds, but she is a lap dog.

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. Ever since my parents were actually in high school, my grandparents had a huge Christmas Eve party every year. It was a community-wide event. We grew up in a small town. It wasn’t just family, it was friends and family. My parents still have the Christmas party to this day and we have yet to miss one ever. Traveling-wise, I enjoy anything close to the beach or anything on any body of water, the lake, the beach, anything like that where I can sit out in the sand and watch sunset. That’s probably my favorite.

There’s just something special about oncology patients that really drew me in. When I worked as a nurse I was on a medical surgical oncology floor and it was just something about those patients that really stood out to me. And then when I transferred here to Southern Cancer Center, I knew I was right where I needed to be.

For the first visit, I would say it’s nice to have somebody there with you. As a patient it can be a lot of information to take in that first time. Having somebody there kind of listening in the background taking the information in. You know when the patient goes home and they’re kinda like, ‘okay what did the physician tell me?’, that family member can kind of reiterate what the physician said.

I think it’s good for patients to talk to one another. There may be a patient who had a specific question that another patient has already asked before. We do have support groups available for patients and I think they really enjoy that time they get to spend together and kind of hope together.”