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During the month of November, we are highlighting members of our staff and why we are THANKFUL to have each and every one of them as a part of Southern Cancer Center. We’d like to focus on our fabulous lab staff! Thank you all for going out of your way to make each patient feel like family, and for taking the time to make assurance to patients who are having a difficult day. These small gestures add up in a big way and make us so thankful you are a part of SCC!

Top Picture, Left to Right

Reasey Kranh, Pascha McIntyre, Lori Sanders, Minna Sengchanh, Phaidra Young

Bottom Left Picture Left to Right

Jennifer Manuel, Glenda Dew, Zach McPherson, Beth Broyles

Bottom Right Picture Left to Right

Jessica Keator, Keela Shoots, Tanisha Jones, Jessica Harris, Nicole Cain, Tyeshia Chaney

Lab Staff of Southern Cancer Center

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