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Continuing with our THANKFUL staff posts, let’s give a round of applause to our superheroes in scrubs… our clinical staff! We’re uplifted by the smiles and laughter our registered nurses and medical assistants bring with them to work each day, embracing our patients with hope and love. The impact this group has on our patients and their families is immeasurable, and we are grateful to have them as a part of Southern Cancer Center.

Top row left picture, left to right: Tracy Roberts, Jada Brown, Amy Davis, Sharon Williams, Kristy Myers. Back row: Felicia Coleman, Renee Enlers, Susan Sylvia; front row: Laura Cotton, Diana Turberville.

Top row right picture, left to right: Belinda Hall, Brenda Braxton, Monica Darby, Victoria York, Tracie Richardson, Ruth Miller, Louise Teague, Carlee Crawford, Rebecca Garner.

Bottom row left picture, left to right: Renee Specht, Kim Franovich, Jennifer Amacker, Tomeka Montgomery, Alysea Timmons, Lela Brown -Braggs.

Bottom row right picture, back row: Kim Downs, November Roberts, Diane Raudnael; front row: Angela Garner, Amye Brasher, Angie Johnson; Felecia Bryars, Ashley Truelove.

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