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Summertime is here which means it’s time for the 2nd Annual Anchor Cross Cancer Foundation (ACCF) Head Scarf Drive. Muggy summers in Alabama are uncomfortable for everyone- especially cancer patients wearing hot, itchy wigs. ACCF hopes to relive some of this discomfort by supplying patients with stylish scarves to wear as wig alternatives. Join SCC and support this wonderful drive!

From now until September 15th, ACCF will be collecting fabric and handmade or store-bought head scarves at seven different locations in the Bay area. The goal of the drive is to collect 1,000 scarves for local women with cancer. Last year, the local community helped ACCF exceed their goal of 400 by donating over 1,400 scarves total. Daniel Meshad, Director of ACCF, said that the success of last year’s campaign was an inspiring example of the support the Mobile area has for the local cancer community. He hopes this year’s campaign will find the same success.

The concept of a scarf drive was initiated by LeAnn Hahn, a local breast cancer survivor and volunteer with ACCF. Since hair loss is such an upsetting side effect of chemo, Hahn hoped her own experience with dressing up scarves and finding different ways to wear them could help other cancer patients find more comfort in their day-to-day lives.

“For me, it was really important to have a wig, but then when my hair fell out, I never wore it—I wore the scarves. I started getting compliments on them, and they were so much easier. I started having fun with them; it made my hair loss a lot easier,” said Hahn.

If you would like to donate scarves or fabric for the drive, drop-off boxes will be available at any of the five Southern Cancer Center locations in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, the Senior Center in Daphne, and the Nix Center in Fairhope. For more information, please contact Daniel Meshad at (251) 607-5081 or

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