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On Thursday, October 25th, Southern Cancer Center physicians spoke at two separate events on opposite sides of the bay, both focused on educating patients and the general public about the awareness of the month- Breast Cancer. In Mobile, Dr. Nicole Angel spoke, alongside surgical oncologist Lindsey Beakley and radiation oncologist James Galle, at Providence Hospital’s “Breast Health 101” event. This panel of experts spoke about the treatment of breast cancer provided through their specialties, as patients often tackle this disease through this three-prong approach. At the same time in Foley, Dr. Curry McEvoy, with radiation oncologist Adam Huddleston, gave an incredibly in-depth and information-packed breast cancer presentation to the 130 ladies in attendance at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center’s monthly “Healthy Women’s Luncheon”. The duo then followed their talk with a lively Q&A discussion. Thank you to both Dr. Angel and Dr. McEvoy for representing Southern Cancer Center out in our local communities and for continuing the fight against breast cancer through education.

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