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Jessica Fuqua, CRNP

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: University of Mobile
Master of Science in Nursing: Walden University
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner: Family Practice

Sees patients
Providence Hospital location

“Something unique about me is my maiden name was Flowers and I used to live on Blossom Court and I love to garden. They say that your hobby should be something opposite of work, so I love to get down in the dirt and get dirty and just enjoy God’s creation. I have an amazing, supportive husband, Keone, who teaches theater and communication on a college level. I also have three children: Mitzi who is 13, and she loves volleyball; Micah who is 10 and Lyvia who is 10.

I went to school originally to get my Bachelor’s at the University of Mobile. I graduated in 2003. I was first inspired to go into the medical field because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Meshad was her doctor. What inspired me to go forward with my Master’s Degree was actually working in inpatient chemo at Sacred Heart. It was the first time that I had actually followed the patients through their journey of battling cancer, and I just fell in love with it. It inspired me to want to do more. The role that I feel the nurse practitioners play in general is giving supportive care, helping them understand on an educational level where they are, their options, and helping them make the right decisions.

The one thing that I want the patients to take away with really each meeting is a sense of hope and a sense of control. That’s what SCC, in my opinion, has to offer. With all the tools that we use – navigating through cancer, advanced care planning – we really give the patients a sense of hope and a sense of control.”