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Southern Cancer Center strives to improve the lives of all the patients we care for. From providing excellent individualized treatment to ensuring that patients are more comfortable during visits and that their medications are more accessible—we want to be there every step of each patient’s cancer journey.

Over their years of experience in the field, our physicians noticed a trend in the industry of chemotherapy administration. Traditionally, chemo is administered through an IV to a patient, but new developments have begun targeting agents through oral medications. These new treatment options need to be overseen by oncologists, so we saw the opportunity to offer our patients a helpful, special service—an on-site pharmacy to provide oral chemo and targeted therapy drugs ordered by SCC physicians. In April 2013, we opened our Coastal Pharmacy, staffed with a team that deals strictly with oncology-related medications.

Three Reasons the Coastal Pharmacy Benefits Our Patients

  1. Better Communication Between Your Care Team. Having an on-site pharmacy strengthens the lines of communication between your nurses, physicians, and pharmacists. This allows your care team to simultaneously monitor and prevent potential side effects and also collectively educate you on your medications. The pharmacy staff is on-hand to answer any questions you may have, and since they work with only SCC patients, they are able to give more concentrated attention to your needs.
  2. Insurance Assistance. Going back and forth with insurance companies over coverage policies can be irritating and cause unnecessary stress. Coastal Pharmacy accepts all insurance and staffs a pharmacy coordinator to assist with approval and financial assistance programs. This helps our patients worry less about insurance and focus more on getting healthy.
  3. Easier Access to Medications. After a long day at doctor’s appointments or treatment sessions, no one looks forward to waiting in line at the pharmacy. Coastal Pharmacy ensures easier access to new medications, offering free expedited home delivery service so you can have medications shipped directly to your doorstep.

At SCC, we want to help make our patients’ lives as easy as possible as they navigate their battle with cancer. Often medications can be delayed because of miscommunications between physicians and pharmacists. When taking oncology medications, time is of the essence, and we believe that keeping “everything under one roof” will allow for improved care and fewer obstacles for our patients along the way. For more information on Coastal Pharmacy.

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