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At Southern Cancer Center, our patients are at the core of everything we do and we have multiple departments all working towards one goal: providing the best care and most effective treatment options to our patients. That is why after seeing a need for more research opportunities for our patients, we developed a comprehensive research program. Since its development in February of 2013, our research department has made great strides in furthering cancer research through clinical trials.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

SCC’s clinical trials are divided into two main categories: community trials and pharmaceutical trials. During community trials, we host trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute among our patients. Pharmaceutical trials are offered to patients and sponsored by major pharmaceutical companies exploring the healing effects of the newest drugs on the market. Clinical trials offer studies that help find more effective ways to treat cancer and give patients access to new investigational therapies not generally available to the public yet. These patient studies are a vital part of finding new treatment options, especially now as therapy drugs are being used just as often as chemotherapy.

Should I Participate in a Trial?

Choosing to participate in a clinical trial is a complex decision. A patient must be eligible and personally willing to try a new treatment option. For some, it might be the best treatment option available, while others might choose to do it because they know their participation will aid in the progress of treating cancer. Before committing to a clinical trial your physician will walk you through all the potential risks, side effects, and benefits of the study. Throughout the trial, patients receive the same care they would normally receive with additional monitoring of the side effects and benefits of the study drugs.

Through partnerships with the US Oncology Network, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, and various pharmaceutical companies, SCC has had the opportunity to provide dozens of clinical trials for patients and has seen many cases with positive outcomes including remission. We are grateful to offer this program as many of our patients would not have local access to these clinical trials without it, and we look forward to continuing to explore new methods of treating cancer.

If you or someone you know might be interested in participating or learning more about the clinical trials we are currently offering, contact us at or 888-625-6896.

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