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Save the Dates for Southern Cancer Center’s July “Bell Ringers” Support Group Meetings! SCC patients and caregivers are welcome to attend any of our three support group meetings this month- July 11th, 16th and 29th.

This group is designed for patients and their caregivers to come and learn about what is going on at Southern Cancer. This is a free support group for cancer survivors, co-survivors, patients in treatment and their families. Our support group is open to individuals touched by any type of cancer.

Being in a support group can also help you develop new skills to relate to others. In addition, the members of the group who have the same problems can support each other and may suggest new ways of dealing with a particular problem. We understand that joining a support group for the first time can be uncomfortable when it comes time to discuss problems. Everything that takes place in this group is confidential and will never be shared outside of this group.

Bell Ringers Support Group July 2021

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