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As the holiday season approaches, feelings of nostalgia are strong. The smells, the lights, the colors fill us with an excitement uniquely connected to this time of the year. Whether you relish in the memories of making cookies with Grandma, cutting down a tree with your parents or passing out meals to those less fortunate, it’s obvious that Christmas is so much more than perfectly packaged gifts and a big man in a red suit. The magic of the season is carried on by traditions and memories, so shouldn’t we all try to slow down and focus on the family aspect of the holiday? This Christmas, take the time to start a new tradition or revisit an old one. Think about what the holiday means to you and how you want your kids to remember Christmases at home once they are grown. Here are some suggestions of quality time activities for your family to share in this season.

  1. Hold a family vote on Christmas décor. Take a drive with the family around your community and decide collectively who has the most festively decorated yard. Maybe even slip a note in the winner’s mailbox to inform them of the honor!
  2. Make a big batch of holiday cookies and pass them out to neighbors, teachers or coworkers. Let’s be honest, whose day is not made better by receiving treats?
  3. Have a holiday movie marathon. Let everyone choose their favorite Christmas movie and park the family in front the TV for a showing.
  4. Volunteer as a family. There are so many local organizations that need volunteers over the holidays. What better way to teach your children about the importance of helping others than showing them firsthand?
  5.  Decorate the tree together. Don’t leave it up to one person to decorate the tree! Get the kids involved by letting them decide the placement of the ornaments.
  6. Write letters to Santa. Encourage your kids to tell Santa what they are thankful for this year before letting him know what they want for Christmas.
  7. Annual ornaments. Let everyone in your family contribute an ornament to the tree each year. In the years to come your tree will be filled with special Christmas memories past.
  8. Have a Christmas camp out. Pull out the sleeping bags or build a big palette and have a sleepover in your living room. The kids will love snuggling up under the Christmas tree lights.
  9. Create a Christmas themed treasure hunt. Design a scavenger hunt ending with a present or trinket your kids can keep. This is also a fun activity for your child’s elf on the shelf to carry out.
  10. Make a shrine for family members who have passed. Add this special addition to your Christmas décor each year. Whether you display a piece that reminds you of them or candles and photos each time you look at it you will remember your loved ones.

We’d love to know some Christmas traditions your family shares. No matter how you choose to spend your time this season, SCC wishes you all a warm and merry holiday!

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