Southern Cancer Center Providers

"Our Patients are Our Passion..."

From the moment you hear, “You have cancer,” your life is forever changed, but it’s important to remember hope isn’t lost in those three words. You are still able to fight and finding a compassionate group of physicians will help you through your battle.

The physicians, nurse practitioners and highly skilled oncology team here at Southern Cancer Center offer the highest quality care for patients with all types of cancers and blood disorders. Our team works with you to ensure you’re receiving the best, individualized treatment plan available for your specific diagnosis. Each patient’s progress is closely monitored by members of their care team and education is provided on your type of cancer and any potential side effects of treatment.

Southern Cancer Center, P.C. was founded in 2007 when a group of physicians saw the need for a private practice to allow for better care of oncology patients in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Becoming independent practitioners instead of hospital-based allowed us to create a community environment with the one-on-one personalized attention we desired for our patients.

Initially, SCC began with two small clinics in Mobile, but has since grown to comprise five locations stretching from West Mobile down to the beaches of South Baldwin County. With offices at every major hospital in Mobile- Providence Hospital, Springhill Medical Center and Mobile Infirmary- we are easily accessible to our patients within our community. Our largest center in Daphne, named for our Founder Dr. Michael W. Meshad, is a stand-alone building offering a full-service cancer center with medical and radiation oncology under one roof. Our final office in Foley gives us the opportunity to care for patients in South Baldwin while allowing them to stay close to their homes.

By offering a multitude of treatments and services, SCC provides care and education in every aspect of our patients’ experience. We were one of the first medical offices in the area to adopt an electronic medical records (EMR) system, making updates and organization of records easy; as well as offering an online patient portal that gives patients access to their own records and up-to-date information at their convenience. We provide added safety with the latest pharmacy mixing hoods (MIC’s -Mobile Isolation Chambers) which protect our employees, patients and the environment, and we also enforce a triple-check process for chemotherapy dose calculation and administration.

Your care team here at SCC is specifically trained in cancer treatment, including our oncology certified nurses and advanced oncology certified nurse practitioners. We understand taking a team approach to your care is essential, which is why our physicians and nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is also why each patient receives a personalized chemotherapy education class from one of our nurse practitioners before treatment begins. We believe patient and family education is a crucial piece to your cancer fighting journey.

Patient education is furthered by our in-house specialty pharmacy, Coastal Pharmacy, in which an oncology trained pharmacy staff will educate you on any oral drugs in your treatment plan and monitor your usage for a complete continuity of care. Your oncology-specific medication can also be picked up or delivered the very next day.

Today, there are more cancer therapies in development than ever before and SCC is proud to house an advanced clinical research team that works closely with the National Cancer Institute, The US Oncology Network and the pharmaceutical industry to explore new treatment options and bring cutting edge clinical trial opportunities to our patients. We’re not just treating your cancer, but helping you find the most progressive and effective treatment possible.

Our patients and our communities matter to us, and our care team at Southern Cancer Center will be there for you every step of the way. We set ourselves apart from other treatment centers through our attention to you in your personal cancer journey. Our patients are our passion and it’s why we exist. Please call (888) 625-6896 or come visit any of our treatment centers to learn more about the care we provide.

Southern Cancer Center: Navigating You from Patient to Survivor.