Southern Cancer Center Providers

"Our Patients are Our Passion..."

Tracey Jones, CRNP

Skyler Sherrell, CRNP

Michelle Sanford, CRNP

Lynn Land, CRNP

Kara Boutwell, CRNP

Through our physicians, nurse practitioners, and highly skilled oncology team, SCC offers the highest quality care for patients battling all types of cancers and blood disorders. Our team works with patients to ensure that they are receiving the best, individualized treatment plan possible. Each patient’s progress is closely monitored and education is provided for various forms of cancer and the temporary side effects of chemotherapy.

Southern Cancer Center, P.C. was founded in 2007 as a group of physicians who wanted to provide care for oncology patients in Mobile and Baldwin counties. The group became independent practitioners instead of hospital based in order to better meet the needs of what our patients were telling us they wanted. Originally we had offices at Providence, on Dauphin Street, and a small office in Spanish Fort. Since that time, we have built and opened a large cancer center in Daphne, Alabama named after our Founder, Dr. Michael W. Meshad, President of Southern Cancer Center. This center is the only full service cancer center in Baldwin county that provides both medical and radiation oncology under one roof. Also in Baldwin County, we have offices in Foley and on the campus of Thomas Hospital. We have offices on campus at Providence Hospital, Springhill Medical Center, and Mobile Infirmary in Mobile County. The physicians wanted to be located and support the communities where our patients are from, not have patients drive to a central location. We are committed to our patients, period.

In June of 2007, the practice also adopted an electronic medical record system. Upon implementation, we have enjoyed and endured all the benefits and challenges this technology has brought to the medical field. Southern Cancer Center, as an entity, and all of our physicians attested to Medicare and were successful in meeting the “meaningful use” requirements. This was a huge accomplishment for this practice and has since become a requirement for all medical practices. To better serve our patients, we also implemented a patient portal in partnership with Navigating Cancer. This allows our patients to have personal access to pertinent information in their medical records as well as provide them with the most current educational information specific to their disease.

Safety of our patients is very important to our practice. We have the latest pharmacy mixing hoods called MIC’s (Mobile Isolation Chamber) which protect our employees, our patients and our environment. We enforce a triple check process for chemotherapy dose calculation and administration.

Southern Cancer Center has well trained and dedicated staff. Our chemotherapy infusion nurses are either ONS certified and/or preparing for certification. We were the ONLY cancer site in Alabama recognized for having at least 75% of our nurses certified. The employees of SCC practice the team approach to taking care of patients. We understand that it takes each of us to meet all of the needs of oncology patients.

Our patients and our communities matter to us. We work with all hospitals and we practice “institutional integrity,” which means we support our local hospitals, our local physicians, and work with our patients to ensure that their care is provided where they prefer.

Our goal is to help patients navigate from cancer treatment to cancer survivor… it is why we exist and is our passion.